Important Considerations When Chartering A Yacht

Chartering a yacht is a breathtaking experience that can enable exploring new destinations, escaping the day-to-day challenges in life and setting the stage for absolute relaxation and priceless memories with family and friends. Both seasoned and new boaters alike enjoy yacht charters for a number of reasons.

Why charter a yacht? A yacht charter allows an individual to explore incredible destinations while maintaining the comforts and amenities of a luxury villa. Whether the aim is to enjoy the Caribbean or visit the waters and destinations of the Mediterranean, a superyacht charter can enable the perfect experience. 

Additionally, many individuals considering a first-time yacht purchase will often charter a yacht to gain experience and to narrow down needs for a potential vessel to target. Having extensive time on the water aboard a yacht is the best way to understand what one’s own preferences are, and a yacht charter can easily provide this experience.

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Navigating the choices and options available for a yacht charter can be challenging. As such, here are several items to consider when planning your yacht charter.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht? Charter pricing will be largely dictated by staterooms and overall size of the yacht. For some general pricing tiers, a four stateroom yacht can often run $45,000-$50,000 per week. A five stateroom yacht can run between $70,000-$100,000 per week. Lastly, a six stateroom yacht can run $125,000-$150,000 per week. While regulations state that yachts max out at six staterooms, the yachts can still grow in size. As the size increases further, the charter price will increase dramatically. The toys available onboard can also impact the price of the charter. 

The crew can make or break the experience. This really can’t be overstated. The best charter experiences are directly a result of having an excellent crew. There are countless instances where a gorgeous, new yacht is paired with a below average crew and the charter experience is disappointing. Having a charter specialist assist with the process is crucial because they can advise on crew quality. Which crews are the best? Which ones do you want to avoid? An experienced charter specialist can answer these questions.

An experienced and knowledgeable charter broker or specialist can add tremendous value to the process. While many yachts and superyachts can show well via online listings, a charter specialist can advise on crew quality and availability of particular vessels. As stated previously, having the right crew will make or break the charter experience. But, additionally, availability (or the lack thereof) of charter yachts can often be an unforeseen obstacle for individuals looking to charter a yacht. Especially with short-term time horizons, availability of premier charter yachts can be minimal. A charter specialist with a wide range of contacts can often put the proper charter experience together even at the last minute. 

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